Franchise Accreditation

Franchise Accreditation is a valuable asset to have in your network’s finance toolkit. Franchise Accreditation with CFI Franchise Finance ensures that existing and prospective franchisees have streamlined access to funding. This can assist with franchise recruitment and growth through new sites, scheduled refurbishments, development of multi-unit franchisees and national equipment roll outs.

Our Accredited Franchise System

At some point every franchisor struggles with the recruitment of quality franchisees and the ability for franchisees to access the required small business finance. The two challenges are in fact related. If franchisors were able to offer some solution that assisted with accessing business finance, then they would typically be able to recruit more of the right franchisees.

This is where CFI Franchise Finance can help. Becoming a CFI Franchise Finance Accredited System means you and your franchisees can access pre – approved business finance as well as many other benefits. We can also assist you with major national equipment roll out programs. With pre-approved franchise funding in place we can guarantee that you will see a much higher uptake from franchisees with a tailored offer from CFI Franchise Finance.

Benefits of Accreditation

What's Involved In The Process?